The Trustees have commenced a capital campaign, entitled Campaign for the Sanctuary – 2020 or

CS–2020. The purpose of CS–2020 is to fund needed repairs and upgrades to the Sanctuary Building.

        Here is a list of the proposed projects:

             1. Repair and re-side the steeple including repair of the water damaged ceiling at

                 the rear of the sanctuary.

             2. Repair and re-point damaged stonework on the building exterior to maintain its

                 serviceability into the future.

             3. Install a vapor barrier in the crawl space under the sanctuary.

             4. Insulate the sanctuary floor and provide appropriate ventilation to prevent moisture


             5. Repair and replace the sidewalk along Elm Street.

             6. Construct a new sidewalk entrance and landing area at the front of the sanctuary

                 that will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

       These projects will allow us to once again have a water-tight sanctuary with walkways in good

condition. The insulation and vapor barrier under the sanctuary should not only allow us to provide a more

comfortable environment for services but also provide savings on heating costs.

       The goal for CS—2020 is $60,000. The Trustees have been working diligently to get a “jump start”

on raising these necessary funds. We have received a $5,000 grant from the Sacred Sites program on the

New York Landmarks Conservancy. This grant requires us to be under contract for the steeple and

stonework by May 1, 2020. We have also received nearly $8,000 in pledges and donations from our

members even before the formal announcement of the campaign. Furthermore, the Trustees recently

obtained Challenge Grant from the Cloudsplitter Foundation. The Foundation will match each dollar we

raise up to $7500. Thus, we are off to a good start.

        Nevertheless, in order to reach our goal, we will need everyone’s cooperation in this effort. Pledge

cards will be distributed shortly. Donations can be made in a lump sum or paid weekly, monthly, quarterly

or annual. Donations can be made electronically and/or added to your regular weekly donation. Additional

arrangements can be arranged if desired.

         Please prayerfully consider how you can help with this important project and continue to guide

Peru Community Church through the 21st Century.

                                                                                                    Brian Guest, Chair of Trustees


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