Whether they are called Prayer Shawls, Comfort Shawls, Peace Shawls, or Mantles, etc., the shawl  maker begins with prayers and blessings for the recipient. The  intentions are continued throughout the creation of the shawl. Upon  completion, a final blessing is offered before the shawl is sent on its  way. Some recipients have continued the kindness by making a shawl and  passing it onto someone in need. Thus, the blessing ripples from  person-to-person, with both the giver and receiver feeling the  unconditional embrace of a sheltering, mothering God!

Shawls can be used for: undergoing medical  procedures; as a comfort after a loss or in times of stress; during bereavement;  prayer or meditation; birthing, nursing a  baby; during an illness and recovery; or ministering to others. Of course, there may be a situation that you know of, not mentioned here, that could use the presence of a prayer shawl.

Some uses for the shawls...

About the Shawls...


Leader: We praise you Lord for the hands that made these shawls to comfort the sick, the weary, for friends and neighbors who do not have loved ones to be by their side.

People: May they find comfort in the love we send with each one of these.

Leader: God of love and comfort, we gather together to celebrate the Prayer Shawl Ministry at the Peru Community Church. We are thankful to the hands that faithfully create these gifts of tangible love.

People: Though we know your love is ever present and never-ending, sometimes we need something visible to remind us of your healing peace and eternal hope. Together, we pray that these prayer shawls will bring comfort to those who receive them and continue to bless those whose hands create them.

Leader: Through God’s grace, without even knowing who would receive it, this shawl was made specifically for the one who will receive.

 People: May the receiver see the love and care of the hands that created this gift as a reflection of the intricate love and care God imparts upon each of us.

 Leader: This prayer shawl was made to bring warmth from the chill and from the love of the hands who cast the stitches.

People: May the receiver feel the warm breath of the Holy Spirit as they wrap themselves with it

. Leader: This shawl was made to bring comfort and reassurance to someone who feels alone.

 People: May they feel comfort in knowing that the creator steadfastly prayed for them as the bits and pieces of yarn came together between their fingers and off their needles.

 Leader: This shawl was made to bring peace to someone in need.

 People: May they feel the power of all of our prayers as they sink their fingers through each cast stitch.

Leader: This shawl was lovingly created to remind the recipient that they are cared about by our church family.

 People: May they feel the touch of God’s love, the fabric of our community and the strength of our supporting prayers. Amen.


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