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Our Jamaica Project


Jamaica Mission 2015


Each year we got to Jamaica to exercise God’s word in action.  We act as the arms and legs of the Peru Community Church, helping out our neighbors in the broadest sense of the word. 


This year we built a house for Marilyn Bromfield, a middle aged woman who will be sharing the house with her daughter and three grandchildren aged 13, 9 and 7.  The house we usually build is 12 feet square with a 4 foot porch. Our building crew altered the plans to be a 12x16 house to give them room enough for the five of them. The building was expertly and rapidly built over the 6 days we had. Marilyn was on site every day working to clear the lot and helping where she could. She has had a tragic past. As a young single mother raising her five children she was moving a charcoal cook-stove and it set fire to her clothing.  She had burns over 60% of her body and it took years to over-come the debilitating injuries. She told us the only things that kept her alive were her faith in God and the knowledge that there was no one else to raise her children.  At the house dedication ceremony she eloquently spoke giving thanks to our group and our church and to God for sending us.  It was a very moving moment.


We spent one afternoon with Roy Jones. He was in great spirits although with the spiraling economy each year gets harder for him to make ends meet. He seemed in good health at the time although shortly after returning he contacted us saying his urinary infection that had not plagued him for 3 years, was suddenly back.  As we have done in the past, the Church wired him the $650 necessary for him to purchase the antibiotics to make him well. This expense will be reimbursed to us by Roy’s workers compensation insurance company.


Evon Grant Basic School allowed us to present not only a lesson on apples but also welcomed dental Assistant Bruni Michaud who told the children the importance of dental care.  We have watched that little school on the hill grow from 2 classrooms to 5 and have over the years brought many suitcases filled with supplies. This year, 5 women from our group spent an extra morning painting the school office.  It was a joy to see the way it uplifted the staff.  Next year we hope to build a playhouse for the playground.

We also have received a grant from Sunrise Rotary for $760 to sponsor several children who are unable to pay the low tuition costs. Our mission will add to that amount to be sure all who are attending will be able to continue. 


The New Hope Children’s Home is a place of joy and a vision of hope. While the children there have for one reason or another been separated from their birth families, they are the lucky ones.  They have landed in the arms of Amanda Williams and her staff.  They often are eventually placed back with their immediate or extended family.  Until that time they are expertly cared for and genuinely loved.  We had three opportunities this year to visit and play with the children. We found Amanda under the weather a bit with the chikungunga virus that was raging the people of Jamaica.  Sunrise Rotary sent $500 to the Home and we presented it along with an additional $300 to her from Peru Community church (Mostly from Steve Dennie’s wood sign fundraiser!). She was overwhelmed by the generosity of the people of the North Country. We had several suitcases full of supplies and new clothes.


There were a few people who have gone other years not with us this year. It is always tempting to wring hands and wonder how we will carry on. The blessing is that when doors close, windows open. I thank God for those who have helped in the past and for those who will come in the future.  




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Crib sheets

Netting for cribs

Bottles & Nipples

Baby wipes

Sippy cups



First aid cream

Boys size 10-12 clothing

Smooth Peanut Butter

$$ For Formula

Your continued prayers –

for the children and caregivers

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